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We are Further from the End, located in western Kentucky.  Music is our life, our breathe, our drive.  further from the end was made by the idea of giving a music place for those with talent but didn't know where to go.  So we built our own world of musicians and original songs.  our catalog is endless, and we come to a show full bore.professional.and ready!  FFTE brings the sound of many genres' of music.  Capability of death metal/rock/metal/acoustic/ballads/etc. you never know what the next emotion your gonna feel.  

We have worked with some great names through the industry.  Shared stage with many bigger names, and we always keep the venue and promoters pleased its part of our mission.

Further from the End was created over the last 25 years.  the name was originated by a dream that our vocalist had about a song he was supposed to write.  the name was copyrighted and set on a shelf for nearly 15 years.  until the right time came.

years went by writing, performing and making a name for ourselves with the music world. Going under other names such as, ONE eyed HATE, SILVER TONGUED, and few more. Many members came and left, but that never stopped us.  Today we push forward and take our music very serious, and love the company of each others musical talents.  we let nothing stop us and our fans are our best accomplishments so we push to be our best and learn something new every time we hit the stage or studio.

we are on the rise, with shows being booked, hosting shows, our websites, promoters,new music, etc.  We have been here along time, and plan on being here as long as possible.   And we look forward to rocking your asses off!